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Heey what are thesee bracelets called?!?

Question by Ellie: Heey what are thesee bracelets called?!?
Heeey theres a type of bracelet called ‘something… Paris’ and i cant remember what the first word is! I think it begins with T, something like taylor, tayol or something?!?? What is it? Ohh if it helps justin bieber wears them:L x

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Answer by blah

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what can i do if a china’s wholesale wont give me my money back?

Question by nicola: what can i do if a china’s wholesale wont give me my money back?
i ordered some goods from anny wholesale & the said my goods didn’t clear customs than asked me to repay for the shipping. when i refused & asked for my money back they said they wouldn’t give me my money back.
I paided by weston union.

Best answer:

Answer by The Greek
Take it up with your CC company, time for a charge back for not being able to deliver goods for which you paid.

If you paid by Western Union, then that’s it, don’t send anymore money to them, you will lose that too.

Give your answer to this question below!

L – Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
anny wholesale

Image by brizzle born and bred
Mathews’ Bristol Street Directory 1871

Lamb Court, 3, Lamb Street, College Street

Lamb Court, Temple Street

Lamb Court, Redcliff

Lamb Court, Jacobs Wells

Lamb Street, College Street

J . Perrott & Co. coach builders
Henry Jones, boot maker
Samuel Powell
Sarah Powell
James Marshall
Charles Morse, brazier.
?. Stukes, carpenter

(Lamb Street Lower)

William Martin, chimney sweeper
George Ball, grocer
William George Ranks, farrier
George Knowles
Charles Cox
Temperance Mission Room
Sarah Ball, shopkeeper

Robert Peglar vict, Ship Tavern (pub) 1852 – 78 Robert Peglar / 1881 – 87 Mary Ann Peglar / 1888 – 1904 Elizabeth Mary Peglar / 1906 Elizabeth Harding.

Lamb Street, New Street to Wade Street, St Philip’s

(Without – outside the old city walls, Lawford’s Gate)

St. Jude’s Church, Rev. William Kerry, incumbent. Built on the site of the Bullring, St Jude’s church was erected in 1844-49 to the designs of S.B.Gabriel. It stands today at the beginning of the Old Market one-way system which includes three churches at the main junctions. These are two former churches, Holy Trinity and St Jude, and the Roman Catholic church of St Nicholas of Tolentino.

St. Jude’s Infant School
John Williams, pipe maker
Alfred Lyddon & Co. lard and grease refiners
William Hill, greengocer
Charlotte Peterson, grocer, etc
Sarah Taylor
Thomas Cole
James Fletcher, picture frame maker to the trade

William Manning, vict, Lamb & Lark (pub) 1867 – 77. William Manning / 1878 – 79. George Hayman / 1882. Thomas Woollen / 1883. James Hooper / 1885 – 91. George West 1896 – 1906. William Hemmers / 1909 – 14. Joseph Carrigan / 1917. Frederick Wiltshire / 1921. Henry Jarrett 1925 – 31. Reginald Arnold / 1935. Albert Leonard.

Lambwell Court, Jacobs Wells

Lanesfield Villas, Pembroke Road, Durdham Down

?. Northumberland house
Mrs Ann Aspland, Glamorgan house
Miss Caroline Braun, Rosenau house
Mrs Emma Preston
George Rawson, Lanesfield house
Miss F. H. Moore, Ravensthorpe house
Alfred Cox, Thornhayes house

Langton Street, Cathay to Clarence Road

Levy Payne
William Lewis
William Cross, accountant
John Anderson, tailor & draper
Alfred Barry, tailor
Thomas Holborn
Thomas Hamblett
Thomas Ford
Mary Watkins
William Henry Jolliffe
Christiana Jones
Wesleyan Chapel
George Pobjoy
Elizabeth Loader
Alfred Ancrum
Benjamin Pitts
John Cram
George Lawson
Mary Lawson
Isaac Lord
William Lawson
Henry Ford
Sarah Dowling
John Hamilton, optician
William Pain
James Rumney, junior
Mrs Mary Rumney
George Cornwall, grocer
Samuel L. Morse, painter, etc
James Hewitt
William Matthews
William Reed, painter & decorator
Richard Arr
Thomas Long
John Thomas
Charles Smith
Mary A. Horn
John F. Smith
William R. Stone
Alfred Probert, clerk
William Skilling
Mrs Betsy Roy
Daniel J. McCarthy
Josiah E. Harris, senior
Henry Job
Thomas William E. Russell
Josiah Lifton
John Maggs
Frederick Albert Proctor, draper
Mary Clark
Edward Johnson, junior
William Gullick
James Davis
Charles Eddolls
Ambrose Williams

John Court, vict, Langton Tavern (pub) 1863. James Bowden / 1867 – 69. Elizabeth Williams / 1871 – 87. John Court / 1889 – 91. Elizabeth Court / 1892 to 1896. Matilda Brunt 1897 – 1901. Edward Beavis / 1904 – 06. Frances Ann Fogden / 1909. James Fogden / 1914 – 28. Alice Gardiner.

Langton Terrace, Langton Street to Clarence Road

Alfred George Dyke
Selina Williams
Elizabeth Badcock

Lansdown Place, Victoria Square

Lansdown Place, Ashley Hill

Lansdown Road, Victoria Square to Clifton Park

Lansdown Terrace Woolcott Park

Charles Bowen
John Jones
John Cantle
Mrs. Cantle, dressmaker
John Cantle
Miss Epsley

Lansdown Villas, Springfield Road, Ninetree Hill

Lathan’s Court, Lower Castle Street

Laura Place, Clarence Road, New Cut

Lawford’s Gate, Stapleton Road

Robert Ray – He escaped from Lawfords Gate prison on the night of Saturday 13th July 1878. He had been charged with stealing a horse worth 70 guineas belonging to Vincent Ames the previous month. Described as a wiry middle-aged man he was confined in a brick cell and as the wall was only 9 inches thick he broke through into the cell next door which was empty. He removed the bricks with the aid of a piece of pointed stick, creating a hole of 18 inches, Forcing himself through this aperture and carrying away the counterpane off the bunk he pulled up a grating some 50 or 60 feet away in a corridor, which led to a flue about 1 foot or 18 inches square, which ran beneath the prison.

To reach the yard he forced up a paving stone and once there used the counterpane weighted with a stone to get himself over the wall. He was recaptured in Wickwar on Sunday morning.

Lawford Street, West Street to New Street

William Sperring – Charged at Bristol Police Court in January 1889 for unlawfully setting fire to a table and sofa at 11 Lawford Street. The house was occupied by 4 families. He said that he had been ‘aggravated by his missus’ and had only intentionally upset the lamp. The Superintendent of the Fire Service said that the house was not insured, but Sperring said that it was.

Lawrence Hill, West Street to Railway Bridge

Daniels Brothers, grocers
John Ash, hosier & haberdasher
John and H. Bence, butchers
James Winne, washing board manufacturer
John Flook
Henry Pritchard, butcher
William Cleverley, provision curer
Frederick Giller, draper, hosier, etc
John Yabsley, boot & shoe maker
Henry Blake, hosier & draper
James Hare, grocer, tea dealer & provision merchant
Henry Fletcher, marine stores dealer
William Phipps, nurseryman & seedsman
William Fletcher, ironmonger
Alfred J. Brown, cooper and vat maker
Isaac Clements, pork butcher
Edward Sheppard, saddler
William Butt, grocer
Henry Street, confectioner
George Hopkins, baker
William Hobbs, sewn boot manufacturer
William Francis, pork butcher
James E. Ridingberry, toy manufacturer
William Hales & Co. hat manufacturer
Francis Moss, cabinet maker
Thomas Rooks, pastry cook
William Stone
James Pope, stationer & news-agent
Henry Brecknell, brass founder
Henry Gapper, pork butcher
Thomas Penny
John Bradgate, boot maker
Sophia Wood, Alpine house
Benjamin Hole, painter and glazier
Alexander Curtis, pork butcher
William Court, butcher
Cunningham and Bales, builders
Samuel Griffin, baker
Thomas Roe, potato dealer
Richard Long
Thomas Ponsford
William Wilcox
William Brown, cooper and vat maker
Joseph Jones
Henry Sapper
George Prince
Samuel Welchman, grocer
George Watkins, baker and grocer
William King, tailor and draper
William South, grocer
Thomas Watts, toy dealer
Mrs McPherson
James Knill, maltster

H. N. Sleigh & Co. maltsters & brewers, Phoenix brewery, (1874 Liquidation of Joseph Croker, of the Phoenix Brewery)

George B. Walker, coach builder
Hannah Lewis Lawrence, Hill house
Thomas Roe, greengrocer
Joseph Brown, greengrocer
Joseph Gell, herald painter
James Gunter, basket maker
Joseph Llewellin, hair dresser
George Windsor, baker
Thomas Griffin, blacksmith
Henry Gapper
John Banwell
Alfred Breddy
William Jayne, butcher
William Spurlock, hay and straw dealer
William Hodgson, umbrella maker
Thomas Jones, brewer and maltster
Charles Harris
William Willis, confectioner
George Sellick, tobacconist, etc
Charles V. Poole, rope & twine manufacturer
Samuel Slocombe, tin plate worker
James Berrett, locksmith
James Cole, boot maker
John Cross
William Handcock, maltster
Benjamin Evans, grocer
Edward Colston, shopkeeper
Henry Warren
William Boulton
Charles Garton, Hill house
John Brain, beer retailer
Abraham Hobbs, beer retailer
C. Burgess, beer retailer

Black Boy (pub) Lawrence Hill 1816. William Hyde

Black Horse (pub) Lawrence Hill 1794. Jonathan Ford

Bunch of Grapes, Lawrence Hill 1823 – 28. Mary Griffiths

John Sanger Cross Keys, Lawrence Hill 1794. Thomas Russell / 1806. Godfrey Wise / 1816 – 34. Esther Cooper / 1837 – 65. John Tyler / 1866 to 1877. John Sanger 1878 – 87. Richard Quarterman / 1889 – 91. Alfred Pearce / 1892 – 1901. James Phelps. John Tyler was a maltster and publican.

Richard Taylor Earl Russell Hotel, Lawrence Hill1870 – 72. Richard Taylor / 1874 – 79. Belmerino Gray / 1882. George F. Bonner / 1883 – 88. William Bonner / 1892. William Newport 1894. John Williams / 1896. William Stevenson / 1897 – 1901. Albert Lucas / 1904 – 06. Charles Thomas / 1909. Herbert Baker 1914 – 21. George Edgar / 1925 – 28. Harry Hayward / 1931. Sidney Soley / 1935 – 38. Austin O’Brien / 1944. Edwin Longden 1950. Frederick Hayward / 1953. Albert Wilton.

Samuel Smith Glass House Hotel, Lawrence Hill This public house once stood next to St. Lawrence Church, the church was made redundant in 1956 and was demolished, the pub survived until February 1969 when it was pulled down to make way for the huge Lawrence Hill traffic roundabout.…

Henry Floyd Golden Boot, Lawrence Hill later named the Victory. 1871 – 72. Henry Floyd / 1874 – 77. Mrs. Fussell / 1878. J. Cuff / 1879. Thomas Wade / 1882. A. Sainsbury / 1883. E. Gane 1885. Henry Upton / 1886 to 1888. George Rogers / 1889. Henry Lloyd / 1891. George Browning.

Victory, Lawrence Hill Victory was previously named the Golden Boot. 1892 – 93. Jane Elizabeth Bissicks / 1894. Martha Street / 1896. Henry King / 1897 – 1909. Richard Foskett / 1914 – 28. Helen Foskett 1931. Frederick Davies / 1935 – 38. Edward Bennett.

King’s Head, Lawrence Hill 1816 – 20. Henry Milsom.

Thomas Jones Lawrence Hill Wine & Spirt Vaults Previously known as the South Wales Railway Inn and the Lawrence Hill Wine & Spirit Vaults, the Waverley was demolished in the early 1960’s for the Lawrence Hill roundabout scheme. Between 1888 and 1892 the premises were not licensed, and in 1991 the census shows two families living at this address.

Catherine Burgess (Little) Crown, Lawrence Hill1794. Stephen Montpelier / 1800 – 06. Samuel Sheering / 1816 – 23. Ann Sheering / 1828 – 44. Samuel Sheering 1847 – 49. James Hiscox / 1854 – 55. James Garlick / 1857. W. Pottall / 1858 to 1860. C. Morgan / 1861 to 1882. Catherine Burgess 1883 – 85. William Burgess / 1887 – 1906. Frederick Sergeant / 1909. Thomas Sergeant / 1914. William Erwin / 1917 – 35. Lewis Watts.

James Hobbs Morley Tavern, Lawrence Hill 1871 – 74. James Hobbs / 1876 – 89. Martha Hobbs / 1891. Emma Callaway / 1892 – 96. George Trowbridge / 1899. Mrs S. A. Davis 1901. S. Scuse / 1904. H. J. Bruton / 1906 – 09. Charles Cridge / 1914 – 35. Albert Moore.

Noon Tender, Lawrence Hill (pub) 1800. Charles Chalacom.

Odd Fellows’ Arms, Lawrence Hill (pub) 1847. William Rogers / 1848. Thomas Hiscocks / 1851 – 54. John Crates.

Old Three Tuns, Lawrence Hill (pub) 1806. Samuel Jones / 1816. William Smith / 1820. Mrs. Herepath / 1822 – 28. William Sweet / 1830. Henry England / 1840. R. Turner 1842 – 63. John Jones.

Richard Andrews Pack Horse, Lawrence Hill 1792. Thomas Crisp / 1800 – 16. William Herapath / 1822. S.Taylor / 1823. Samuel Kendall / 1828. Thomas Cooper 1830 – 32. Thomas Spiring / 1833. William Jenks / 1834 to 1840. T. L. Goss / 1841 to 1860. James Knill / 1861. Elizabeth Alway 1863. Charles Welsh / 1865 – 66. William Sargeant / 1871 – 87. Richard Andrews / 1888 – 94. Herbert Thomas 1896 – 1901 James Isaac / 1904 – 09. Samuel Collett / 1914 – 17. E. Jackson / 1921 – 28. William Ricketts 1931 – 35. Herbert Winstone / 1937 – 38. Edwin Parker / 1944 – 50. Stanley Wall / 1953. Henry Head / 1960. W. R. Jefferies.…

Plough, Lawrence Hill (pub) 1800. William Waters.

Royal Exhange, Lawrence Hill 1879. William Kendall / 1882. John Harding / 1883. Thomas Crouch / 1885. Richard Dennis / 1887. John Long / 1888. Thomas Bowers 1892. Henry Wyatt / 1899. Edwin Willis.

Abraham Hobbs Standard, Lawrence Hill 1870. Abraham Hobbs / 1871 – 72. John Fugil / 1874 – 76. Charles Barker / 1879. John Barnes / 1882 – 83. W. T. Ayres 1885. Richard Tarr / 1887. James Leadbeater / 1888. Morgan Henry Poole / 1889. Edward Hockey / 1891. Caroline Coles 1892. George Delziel / 1896 – 1901. Harry Rexworthy / 1904. W. Alexander / 1906. William Boulton / 1909. Charles Parsons 1914. Daisy Norah Day / 1917 – 25. Philip Fletcher / 1928 – 38. Frederick Marshall.

Three Stars, Lawrence Hill (pub) 1832. John Thorne.

John Porter Three Tuns, Lawrence Hill 1794. William Hawkins / 1800. James Sheffield / 1806. Ann Walters / 1816. George Jefferies / 1820 – 28. Thomas Francis 1832 – 33. Miles Phelps / 1834 – 37. William Robbins / 1839 – 40. John Davey / 1844 – 61. John Jones / 1863. William Davis 1866. John Rogers / 1871 – 78. John Porter / 1879. Joseph Barlow / 1882 – 83. Samuel Yates / 1885. Eustace Hill 1886 to 1887. John Hill / 1888. Alfred Luke Ford / 1889. Thomas Walkley / 1891. John Matthews / 1892. John Brett 1894. Edgar Walters / 1896. Fred Downs / 1897. Harry Freeman / 1899. George Kinsey / 1901. Sarah Knight / 1904. Walter Jones 1906 – 09. Job Lacey / 1914 – 25. Sidney Foster / 1928. Thomas Tyler / 1930 to 1962. James Henry Feven.

John Porter Upper Three Tuns, Lawrence Hill Victory was previously named the Golden Boot. 1822 to 1845. Thomas Francis / 1846 to 1851. George E. Francis / 1851. Charlotte Francis / 1853 – 67. William Davis 1868 – 69. Thomas Dickenson / 1871 – 77. John Porter / 1878. J. S. Barlow

Volunteer, Lawrence Hill 1847 – 55. Charles Llewellin / 1860. Mary Ann Williams / 1861. Harriet Smith / 1866 – 67. John Pash.

Alfred Crinks Wellesley Arms, Lawrence Hill On the corner with Wellesley Street, the Wellesley Arms was demolished in the early 1960’s to make way for the Lawrence Hill roundabout. The street and the pub were named after Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington.

Lawrence Place, Temple Backs

Lawrence Place, Lawrence Hill

Leadhouse Lane, John Street, St Phillips

W. J. Rogers, maltster

Lead Works Lane, Easton Road to Lawrence Road

Leamington Villas, Redland Park

John Dennis
R. T. Hippisley
Mrs Ann Hunter
Mrs Weaver
Hnry Birtill
Francis Boucher, Belgravc villa

Lear’s Lane, Waterloo Road

Lebeck Cottages, Stapleton Road

Lee Street, Easton Road

Leek lane, 30, Milk Street to Rosemary Street

Robert Peddle, machinist
Hannah Wilkins, grocer
Frederick Filer, newsagent
Joseph Lock, general dealer
Alfred Hobbs, greengrocer
George Leonard, coffee shop
Edward Nash, cabinet carver
Samuel W. Tuekey & Co. black lead & blacking manufacturer
John Sydenham, cordwainer
William Bath

John Fahey – Living at York Buildings, Leek Lane in October 1878, when he was prosecuted by the Bristol School Board for not sending children to school.

Daniel Tucker – With George Buller in 1857 was charged at Bristol Police Court with stealing four weights, some oranges and coconuts from Mrs Hely’s shop in Leek Lane. Buller was seen leaving the shop with the oranges, half of which he gave to Tucker. Sentenced to 1 month’s hard labour each.

Legg’s Yard, St. George’s Road

Leicester Place, Victoria Park

Miss Ann Michael, lodging house
Richard Jones, lodging house
Miss Wade Brown
George James
Edward J. Swann, solicitor
Mrs T. Williams
Richard Owen, lodging house
Mrs Maria Bunting, lodging house
Mrs Davis
Miss Gibson
Henry Parkhurst

Leicester Villas, Victoria Park

Mrs Harriet Chadney
Miss Mary Rose
Mrs Lewis, lodging house
Miss M. Daniel
Miss A. Baynton
Mrs Elizabeth Platt
John E. Davies, solicitor
Thomas Edward Clarke, surgeon

Leigh Terrace, Woolcott Park

James Fear
?. Beacham

Lemon Lane, Wilson Street, Portland Square

Leonard’s Court, Broadmead

Leonard Lane, Corn Street to Small Street

Leopard Lane, Frogmore Street

Lewins Mead, St. James’ Churchyard to St John’s Bridge…

Henry Philips
Hugh Squires, greengrocer & baker
Thomas Pitcher, smith
Francis Calder, glass blower
Edward Rawle
Francis Calder, baker
John Callagan
Charles Osborne, baker
Curtis and Fiddes, Defiance Safe manufacturers
John Hurfey, coal dealer
E. T. Rogers, & Co., vinegar works
Samuel G. Clements, wholesale druggists
Budgett & Co.
J. and A. Slater, glass, lead, pipe, and oil merchants, etc
William Pearce, general dealer
Henry Tovey
Matthews and Co. drysalters, etc
Lydia Walters
John Shute, wholesale grocer
William Smith
Ford and Canning, coopers, etc
Workman’s Institute
Joseph Phillips & Son, coopers and hauliers
Laverton and Co. stores
William W. Rideout, painter, etc
George Rogers & Vowles, general dealers
Mrs Osborne, grocer
Richard Stinchcombe, grocer, etc
Dennis McAnliffe, grocer
H. S. Jerman & Co. steam confectionery works
Jacob Embrose, beer seller
Richard Hooper, beer retailer

Henry B. Phelps, vict, Bay Horse (pub) 1820 William Brooks / 1823 – 47 James Cox / 1849 Thomas Elliott / 1851 Charles Jones / 1853 – 54 Thomas Elliott / 1856 John Sams 1857 Thomas Smith / 1858 to 1859 John Brind / 1860 – 61 William Shaddick / 1863 Richard Lewis / 1866 -71 George Mabin 1872 Martha Edwards / 1874 Mrs. G. Nash / 1875 – 77 J. Eddolls / 1878 to 1886 Alfred King / 1887 Sarah Iles 1888 to 1891 John Thompson / 1892 Martin Benson / 1894 Martha Weaver / 1896 William Grant / 1897 – 1906 Austin Ricketts 1909 Ethel Ricketts / 1914 Frank Jones / 1917 – 31 Kate Smethurst / 1935 – 44 Frederick Inchley / 1950 – 53 Harry Whitfield 1975 R. A. Marino (the Bay Horse is still trading).

James Henry Lockley, vict, Mermaid (pub) demolished in 1970. 1752 Ann Davis / 1755 Anny Stout / 1764 Ann Stout / 1775 Morris Palmer / 1794 John Vaughan / 1800 – 06 James Godwin 1820 – 30 Jacob Senter / 1831 to 1833 Samuel Cousens / 1834 William Sharyar / 1837 ? Speed / 1839 – 60 Richard Smith 1861 – 83 James Lockley / 1885 – 87 John Morse / 1888 Mary Ann Morse / 1889 to 1893 Walter Ellis / 1894 Executors of Walter Ellis 1896 Eleanor Offer / 1897 – 99 John Hart / 1901 Mrs. A. Matthews / 1904 E. J. Bryan / 1906 James Emmet / 1909 William Wills.

William Wallis vict, White Hart (pub) 1752 James Halwell / 1755 Widow Evans / 1764 Joseph Daniels / 1775 George Young / 1794 Sarah Young / 1806 Benjamin Butt 1816 John Gwinn / 1820 – 34 Lawrence Lewis / 1837 – 41 William Philpott / 1842 Grace Philpot / 1844 Edward Evan / 1847 H. Saye 1848 – 52 Thomas Frewin / 1854 J. Richards / 1856 Frederick Halcomb / 1857 W. Lambell / 1858 M. Poole / 1859 William Rendell 1861 William Denning / 1861 James Broadbear / 1863 Samuel Broadbear / 1867 John King / 1868 William Smith / 1869 William Parsons 1871 – 79 William Wallis / 1881 – 83 Edward Jarman / 1886 Samuel Palmer / 1887 Rose May / 1888 – 89 William Martin Furze 1891 – 96 Henry Appleton / 1897 Mowbray Royton / 1899 Robert Hicks / 1901 Thomas Jones / 1904 – 14 William Tucker 1917 George Kyte / 1921 Mary Kyte / 1925 Mary Connett / 1928 Ben Finch / 1931 – 38 Winifred Finch / 1944 – 53 Frank Burston 1960. R. O. Sage.

John C. Fox, vict, Traveller’s Rest (pub) 1858 – 68. John Fox / 1869. James Peters / 1871 – 77. John Fox / 1878. H. Walker / 1882 – 86. George Stainer.

Great Britain, Lewin’s Mead (pub) 1847 J. McCarthy / 1849 – 53 Joseph Howard.

Greyhound, Lewin’s Mead (pub) 1800 Mary Close / 1806 James Gregory / 1816 Joseph Baker.

Jolly Sailor, Lewin’s Mead1832 – 37 Richard Pope.

Jolly Waterman, Lewin’s Mead 1831 – 34 John Maggs.

Lewis’ Buildings, Petticoat Lane

Lewis’ Place, Pennywell Road

Lime Grove, Bellevue, Ashley Road

Edward Forty
William West
John Colston Rose
George Mansfield
John P. Linthorne
James Shipperley
Richard Loue
Richard Bailey, senior
Robert Perry, police
Richard Bailey, junior
?. Ferris
Deborah Hardiman, school
?. Williams
Alfred Chinn
George Vaughan

Limekiln Court, Bragge’s Lane

Limekiln Dock, near St. Georges Road

Limekiln Dock Passage, Limekiln Dock, back of Gas Works

Charles Hill and Sons, ship builders
General Steam Navigation Co.

John Rich, vict, Old Ship Tavern (pub) 1806 – 16 Thomas Smart / 1820 – 23 Joseph Smith / 1826 – 39 Mary Jones / 1840 – 47 John Stone / 1848 – 56 Lewis Morgan 1858 – 61 Jane Shipp / 1861 James Turner / 1863 – 65 Emma Findlater / 1866 – 75 John Rich / 1876 Mrs J. Broad 1877 – 91 William Russell / 1891. Mary E. Bryant (manageress) / 1894 – 96 Granby Russell.

Limekiln Row, Durdham Down

Lincoln Street, Summer’s Town, Barrow Lane

J. & W. Bond, bakers

James Evans vict, Engineers’ Arms (pub) 1871 – 79. James Evans / 1882 – 91. William Lewton / 1892. George Pester / 1896 – 99. Thomas Gane / 1901 – 06. Daniel Woodman 1909 – 17. Tom Fox / 1921. Alfred Davis / 1925 – 28. John Davis / 1931. Edward Wilmott / 1935 – 53. Alfred Palmer.

Linton Villas, Cotham Road

Lion Buildings, Lion Hotel, Broad Street

Lion Street, Twinnel Road to Twinnel Street

George Coombs – Had a workshop and skittle alley in Eagle Street, Stapleton Road. In the great gale on October 14th 1877 these were blown down completely destroying the greenhouse which was the property of Mr Burgess of Lion Street.

Thomas Stephens (d. 1891) Died after an accident at Proctor’s Fertiliser Works on 29th April 1891. He was a labourer at the works and with Charles Tovey was shifting manure from the huge pile and carrying it away. The pile had been undermined to about three feet and a large log about two foot wide placed as a prop. When they returned from dinner the log gave way and a heap of manure fell on Stephens. Frederick Stephens identified his father who was aged 50 , stating that they lived at 9 Lion Street, Easton. There was a wound on his face and his skull was fractured. A verdict of accidental death was given.

Litfield Place, Clifton Down

Little Avon Street, Avon Street

Joseph Decker – On April 18th 1785 he took off in a balloon from Little Avon Street, next to the house of John Rawlings, a surgeon and flew to Chippenham in Wiltshire.

Little Ann Street, Wade Street to Eugene Street, St. Judes

Little Caroline Place, Hotwell Road

Little George Street, Wade Street to Eugene Street

William Baker – Lived at 5 Little George Street. In June 1882. Aged 30 he was taken to the Infirmary with burns on his face caused by an explosion when pouring vitriol into a generator at Messrs Keevil and Co soda water manufacturers, Redcliffe Hill.

John Marsh – Aged 60, living at Little George Street in February 1876. He was employed by Mr Cunningham, a builder and was helping to sink a well in Barton Hill. He was being hoisted up when the rope broke and he fell 10 feet, breaking his right ankle. He was taken to the General Hospital.

John Webb – On April 1851 was living at 34 Little George Street, St Philips. His wife had triplets.

Little Gloucester Place, Mall, Clifton

Little Hanover Street, Callowhill Street

Little James Street, Montague Street

Litte James Street, East street

Little John Street, John Street to Tower Lane

Little King Street, Welsh Back to Queen Square

Little Paradise, East Street, Bedminster

Capt. William Boulton
James Bullock

James Lavers, vict, Adam & Eve (pub) 1837 – 39. George Burgess / 1840 – 42. Grace Burgess / 1847. James Rudman / 1848 – 68. James Carro / 1871 – 91. James Lavers 1892. Herbert Lavers / 1896 – 99. Eliza Coole / 1901. James Haskins / 1904 – 06. Ada Bridgett / 1909. Mary Ann Latham 1914. Charles Hounsell / 1917 – 21. James Greenwood.

Little Paul Street, Paul Street, Kingsdown

Little Phoenix Street, Barton Hill

Little Street, James’ Back, Broadmead to Pithay

Little Thomas Lane, Redcliff Street to Thomas Street

Little Tower Court, Broad Quay

Llewellin Court, Cross Street, Penn Street

Llewellin Place, Cross Street, Penn Street

Lodge Court, Redcross Street

Lodge Place, Lodge Street

Lodge Street, Frogmore Street to Park Row

James Smart
Samuel Strange, clerk of Mary-le-Port church
Robert Beacham, wholesale saddler, Vine cottage
Chris. John Mill, master mariner
George Hamments, tailor
George Drake, carpenter
Mark William Fryer, prof. music
William A. Grey
Maria Caines
Elizabeth Hillier, dressmaker
Arthur Ormsbey
Edwin Sollis, teacher Blind Asylum
Thomas Fisher, tailor
George Perryman, hatter
William Jarrett

Lombard Terrace, Catherine Mead Street

Long Row, Thomas Street to Temple Street

Lonsdale Place, Stapleton Road

Louisa Street. Barton Road

Love Street, (North), Clifton Vale to Dowry Parade, Hotwells

Thomas Widlake, gardener & greengrocer
John Singleton, painter
James Bidgood, mason, Trinity cottage
Henry Harvey, potato dealer
William Thomas
James Bennett, coffee shop
James Lintell, boot maker
John Powell
Thomas J. Hill
Henry Cook, painter & ironmonger, etc
Mrs Elizabeth Woodley, stay manufacturer
Alfred Simeon, china dealer, etc
William Bryant, grocer
Edward Pain, bacon factor
John Peters, brush & fancy warehouse
John Gill, smith, etc
William Winniatt, baker & confectioner
George Christy, oil and colorman
Robert Pike, dairyman
Robert Blake, linen draper, boot warehouse
Samuel Reed, grocer
John Peters, butcher

William Stooke, vict, York House (Hotel) From 1825 to 1829 William Stooke is listed at the New Inn, Dowry Square. The New Inn and the York Hotel were probably different names for the same establishment. The York Hotel is still standing although no longer licensed premises.

William Kempster, vict, Bell Tavern (pub) 1848. Thomas Williams / 1851. Thomas Ward / 1861. Sarah Pike / 1861 – 65. William Kempster / 1866. James Bull 1867 to 1871. William Kempster / 1872. Elizabeth Davis / 1874. Elias Adwadge / 1875 to 1877. A. Charlton / 1878. M. Jones 1879 – 1904. Robert Jones / 1906. Albert Trim / 1909. Henry Cannock.

Love Street (South), Dowry Parade to Merchant’s Place

George William Watts, wine spirit, ale and porter merchant
William Radford, tailor and draper
Mrs A. Wray
Mr’s M. A. Brooking
Edwin S. Baugh, greengrooer
William Winniatt
George Osgood, chimney sweeper
Albert Nurse, ironmonger, etc
George Jones, shopkeeper.
Henry Hewlett, green grocer
John T. Long, chemist, post office
Edward Allen
James J. & John Hurn, butchers
Mary Busby
Thomas Lockstone, plumber
Henry Pole, butcher
Charles Thorne, grocer and tea dealer

John Morgan, vict, Bear Inn (pub) 1775. ? Brotherton / 1794. Thomas Yeo / 1800. Charles Grogan / 1806. Sarah Sloper / 1816. William Roach / 1820 – 30. William Howell 1832 – 44. Thomas R. Cooper / 1849. Thomas Ward / 1852 – 55. William Walters / 1859 – 65. George Lane / 1867. Elizabeth Lane 1868 – 69. Richard Harris / 1871 – 74. John Morgan / 1875 to 1876. Robert Cotton / 1877 – 89. John Rich / 1891. Frederick Dawes 1892 – 96. Emma Maria Simms / 1897. Ellen Emily Nichols / 1899. Richard Thorne / 1901. Edward Coker / 1904. Joseph Francis 1906 – 21. Charles Joseph James Francis / 1925. Elizabeth Francis / 1928 – 31. John Kington / 1935 – 50. Esther Kington 1953. Alfred McGill / 1960. C. E. Hunt / 1975. L. A. Viner. On the 25th March 1889 the Bear Inn was taken on a 21 year lease at a rent of £55 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to the Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892 for the total sum of £11,000.

Lovers Walk, Cotham Park to Lower Redland Road

Lower Adelaide Place, Chatterton Square, Redcliff

Lower Arcade, Broadmead to Upper Arcade

Lower Ashley Place, Ashley Road

Lower Ashley Road, Ashley Road

Lower Bedford Place, Terrell Street

Lower Bellevue, Jacob’s Wells

Lower Berkeley Place, Berkeley Place, Clifton

Lower Castle Street, bottom of Castle Street to Broad Weir

Joseph Smart, box & scale board manufacturer
John Pocock, horse hair seating manufacturer
Henry Blackburn, hat block maker
Henry Harris, brass founder
Thomas, John and Robert Hunter, tailors & drapers
William C. Veale, Bristol loan oflice
Charles T. Meaden, wholesale hat maker
Mrs Thomas King Nixson, ticket writer
John Grant, tin plate worker
James Ball, butcher
Joseph Phillips
F. J. Duggan, oil and lamp dealer
William Davies, furniture broker
Matthew Pritchard, wheel wright
Ann Felton, dress & mantle maker
Eliza Newland, bottle dealer
Elizabeth Jane Harris, dyer
Miss Mary Ann Bannister, preparatory school
John Frederick Moore, carver & gilder
John Fowles, French polisher
Welsh Independent Chapel
John Sherring
John Eddolls, greengrocer
F. and C. Northam
Abraham Young, currier, etc
Henry Whittard, second-hand-clothes dealer
Frank & Charles Northam, grocers

Gilbert Patterson, vict, Bacchus (pub) the Bacchus was lost in the blitz. 1816 William Veale / 1820 Richard Morgan / 1822 – 31 John Edwards / 1832 to 1833 Elizabeth Edwards / 1834 William White 1837 – 40 Mary Williams / 1842 – 44 George Nicholls / 1847 – 56 Thomas Sherborne / 1857 – 69 M. Dunlop & Co. 1871 – 85 Gilbert Patterson / 1886 – 96 William Methven Brownlee / 1904 Castle & Ball Brewery Co. / 1906 – 09 Arthur Cavell 1911 William George Webb / 1914 Frank Phipps (manager) / 1917 William Lock (manager) / 1921 – 28 Agnes Mabel Smith 1931 Ivor King / 1935 Arthur Young / 1937 William Crandon / 1938 Rowland Wright.

Jane Sumsion, vict, Castle & Ball (pub) 1816 – 20. William Ham / 1822 Nathaniel Dancey / 1823 Richard Stone / 1828 John Swaine / 1830 James Rogers 1831 Elizabeth Orchard / 1831 – 39 William Graham / 1842 Ann Matthews / 1844 James Doughty / 1847 – 48 Stephen Watts 1849 – 58 Daniel Garland / 1860 – 63 Henry Hopkins / 1865 – 94 Jane Sumsion / 1896 Mrs. E. Sumsion / 1897 – 1901 Amelia Sumsion 1904 Castle & Ball Brewery Co. / 1906 – 21 Charles Mills / 1925 – 28 Charles Winstone / 1931 Thomas Head 1935 – 38 Frederick Garland. William Ham also traded as a turner and timber dealer, in nearby Passage Street, St.Philip’s.

James Phelps, vict, Rising Sun (pub) On the corner with Ellbroad Street the old inn dating from 1606 was re-built in 1906, and then demolished in 1954 to be replaced by shops which were removed in 1970 to make way for the Holiday Inn.

William Featherstone, vict, Warriors’ Arms (pub) 1869 – 86 William Featherstone / 1887 – 89 Mary Ann Featherstone / 1891 Alfred Featherstone / 1892 to 1893 Lambert Sale 1894 – 1906 George Atkinson / 1909 – 21 Florence Purshouse / 1925 – 37 Samuel Tooze / 1938 James Bushnell.

Thomas Ogilvie, vict, Clippers’ Arms (pub) the Clickers’ Arms was later known as the Crown, 1861 George Jones / 1863 John Sheckell / 1867 – 71 Oliver Thomas Ogilvie / 1872 – 78 Martha Ogilvie / 1879 Charles Miles

Globe Tavern 1867 – 79 Henry Blackburn / 1881 – 83 Caroline Rue / 1885 Priscilla Ann Trengrove.

Lower Cheltenham Place, Montpelier

Lower Church Path, St. Michael’s Churchyard

Lower College Green Avenue, near Anchor Lane

Lower Clifton Hill, Jacob’s Wells to Clifton Hill

Lower Clifton Place, Alma Street to Upper Clifton Place, Stapleton Road

Lower College Green, near College Green

William Milton, marine stores
Samuel Broomfield, fly proprietor
David Humphries, sculptor
Daniel Searle
Freshwater & William Milton, marine stores
Samuel Broomfield, fly proprietor
David Humphries, sculptor
Daniel Searle
Freshwater & Wingfield, ladies’ school
E. and A. Sollis, dress maker
William George Ranks
James Stone, painter, etc
Robert Ross
Elizabeth Hunt
William Peters, ship builder
Edwin Woodrow
George Lee
Charles Edwards
Henry Stevens, Brandon house
James Stephens, gun smith
Abbey House


Edward Thomas Stevens
Cathedral School

Augustus Bezzant, vict, Oliver Cromwell (pub) 1865 John Williams / 1866 to 1867 Edmund Weight / 1868 George Winstone / 1869 Richard Silk / 1871 – 77 Augustus Bezzant.

Lower College Street, College Street

Lower Colston Parade, Redcliff Hill

Lower Cottage Place, Marlborough Hill

Lower Crescent or Cornwallis Crescent, Clifton

Lower Gay Street, Jamaica Street to Carolina Row

William Stanley
Frederick Roberts, carpenter
William Chappell, boot maker

Lower Guinea Street, 27, Guinea Street, Redcliff Hill

Lower Harley Place, Canynge’s Road

Lower Lamb Street, College Street

Lower Maudlin Street, Mauldlin Lane to St. James’ Churchyard

Lower Montague Street, Marlbrough Street to St. James Barton

Lower Nelson Place near the Mall, Clifton

Lower Park Hill, Old Park to Church Path, St. Michaels

John Moore, carpenter
Lock Hospital – Secretary, Herbert Thomas, Great George street
William Fennell, smith
Thomas Bird
Thomas Bulphin
William Studley
George Earl, tailor
Edwin Marsh
Phillip Griffin, grocer
Henry Wight, porter stores
John Boulstone
William Butland
George H. M. Lewis

Lower Park Row, Park Row to Griffin Lane

Lower Portland Place near the Mall, Clifton

Lower Street, Michaels Hill, top of Christmas Steps

Lower Whittaker’s Buildings, Whitehart Lane, Jacob’s Wells

Luckwell Lane, North Street to Victoria Road, Bedminster

Alfred Edward Whithorn, stay maker, Luckwell cottage
Henry John Mitchell, Woodburn cottage

Lucky Lane, Unity Street to Horton Street

Henry Byrt, cooper
William Hayman
?. Saddick
George Richards
Thomas Jones, painter, etc

Lucky Lane, Ashley Hill

Lydeard Place, Blackboy Hill

Isaac Riddle, Duncan villa
John Cockram
Miss Gilmore, Prospect villa
Henry T. Chapple Fern villa
William Blight, Malins villa
Thomas Francis Foster, Bishop’s villa

Lynes Court, Jacob Street, St. Philip’s

Lyon Street, Upper Easton

MA – Bristol Street Directory 1871

anny wholesale

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Is Burberry still a High Fashion Brand?

Question by Koriroo: Is Burberry still a High Fashion Brand?
I was looking at some of the Nova Check Shirts, I don’t personally care if people wear it or not, I like it. I was wondering if it was still popular. Im 19..was wondering if its more for the older crowd?
Thank you for the all the answers guys! Ordered the shirts, and also looking at the coats.

Best answer:

Answer by L.
Yea it is. Uhm I think the brand can be for your age.

What do you think? Answer below!

Burberry wellies

Image by henry…
Strange thing to wear in the supermarket…


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Where do you find the Best Ed Hardy Deals online?

Question by PHIL: Where do you find the Best Ed Hardy Deals online?
I am going to buy my girlfriend Ed Hardy attire because she has always wanted some. I have searched all over the internet and there is nothing that is cheap. Is there a trusted website that has Ed Hardy Clothing at a clearance price?

Best answer:

Answer by vicky

Try here and hope you can find what you like!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


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Harvey Dent’s Tie Question?

Question by pureevilclownz: Harvey Dent’s Tie Question?
Anybody know where i can buy the tie Harvey Dent was wearing when he got burned? You know, the red, black and gold striped tie? That was one damn fine tie he was wearing and I would love to buy it so if anybody knows the name of that particular tie or where i could buy it 10 pts. and mucho appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Magenta
This is the only tie I can find in the film that has red with stripes. But it’s red, darker red with white striped.

this is similar,-red-necktie,/Detail

but if you want the actual tie it’s by Ermenegildo Zegna (this is actually in the credits of The Dark Knight lol)

Not sure if it would be available anymore.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Ermenegildo Zegna

Image by thinkretail
Zegna Sport and Ermenegildo Zegna collections skewed toward soft casual end use


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Where can I find these ALIFE shoes?!?!?

Question by viet c: Where can I find these ALIFE shoes?!?!?
This is the link to it! please please please somebody tell me where I can find these.

Best answer:

Answer by 2keepucool
do a google search

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

piazza alife

Image by
logo piazza alife, lo spazio libero di


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Try to guess my friends and family’s names?

Question by Princess Ariel: Try to guess my friends and family’s names?
Dad: KP
Mom: M(no middle but long first name)
Sister: KA
Brothers: KP(same as dad) and PA
Aunts: MM and ES
Female cousins-D(no middle), S(no middle), T-A(hyphenated name)
Male Cousins-ML, CJ, JA, LJ
Me: ML

Female Friends:

Male Friends:

The person that is the closet to the real thing wins!
Dad: Kevin Peter
Mom: Marianne
Sister: Kathryn Anne
Brothers: Kevin Peter and Patrick Anthony
Aunts: Michelle Marie and Eileen Susan
Female cousins-Danielle, Stephanie, Toni-Anne
Male Cousins-Michael Louis, Christopher John, Joseph Andrew, Logan James
Me: Michela Lily

Female Friends:
Lisa Marie
Rebecca Shannon
Melissa Julie
Kimberly Nicole
Diana Victoria
Leah Ariella
Monay Elaine

Male Friends:
Zekiel Edmond
Brian Nicholas

Best answer:

Answer by BandGeek1998
Kyle Parker
Madison ?
Kiley Ann
Kyle Parker & Peyton Alexander
Madelyn Marie & Eric Scott
Daniella, Sara & Taylor-Anne
Michael Levi, Camden Josiah, James Alexander & Lucas Jared
Madelyn Leah

Leah Mae
Raina Skye
Madison Johanna
Kara Nicole
Danielle Vivien
Lauren Abigail
Marie Elizabeth

Zachary Ethan
Brian Nathaniel

What do you think? Answer below!

Michigan Municipal League Board and Staff Tour Ann Arbor Michigan

Image by Michigan Municipal League (MML)
Michigan Municipal League board and staff meet on the UM campus in downtown Ann Arbor for the board’s annual retreat. We’ll be talking about the state budget outlook and the impact on Michigan cities, village and urban townships. Details about the League go to The event included a presentation by State of Michigan Treasurer Robert Kleine who explained the state budget, unemployment rates, housing stats and other information to the Michigan Municipal League board and staff. Details go to


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First name for Levi…?

Question by Nicole: First name for Levi…?
My boyfriend and I really want to name our first son after our really close, father figure, named Levi…what would be a cute first name? All of our kids names would be Olivia Ann, Lucas Joseph, and now _______ Levi. Any suggestions? Thank you! :)

Best answer:

Answer by Shhh
Brandon Levi
Rafeal Levi
Christopher Levi
Landon Levi
Blake Levi
Tyler Levi*
Ethan Levi*
Bryce Levi*
Connor Levi*

Give your answer to this question below!

Pirate Levi

Image by geckoam
Notice Levi’s toenails! We painted them black and he loves them!
I made most of Levi’s costume, except for the basic hat that I dressed up. (oh and that little plastic sword I bought too) Levi LOVES dressing up. As soon as I get my camera out he comes running. He’s a ham!


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what is the different from a wooly mamath and a mastodone?

Question by Gale O: what is the different from a wooly mamath and a mastodone?
what is the difference between a wooly mamath and aa mastodone

Best answer:

Answer by prodigy
Mastodons or Mastodonts are members of the extinct genus Mammut of the order Proboscidea and form the family Mammutidae; they resembled, but were distinct from, the woolly mammoth, which belongs to the family Elephantidae. Mastodons were browsers, while mammoths were grazers.
While mastodons were furry like woolly mammoths and similar in height at roughly three meters at the shoulder, the resemblance was superficial. They differed from mammoths primarily in the blunt, conical, nipple-like projections on the crowns of their molars, which were more suited to chewing leaves than the high-crowned teeth mammoths used for grazing; the name mastodon (or mastodont) means “nipple teeth” and is also an obsolete name for their genus. Their skulls were larger and flatter than those of mammoths, while their skeleton was stockier and more robust. A few skeletons have been found with the fur still attached; examination of the hair suggests that mastodons also lacked the undercoat characteristic of mammoths.
The tusks of the mastodon sometimes exceeded five meters in length and were nearly horizontal, in contrast with the more curved mammoth tusks.

What do you think? Answer below!

03 Mammut @ Happy BeerDay (Silvelle di Trebaseleghe – PD) 06/28/2008

Image by Agostino Orso
a new Italian Progressive Band

band covered:
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (BMS)
Le Orme
Il Balletto di Bronzo
Il Rovescio della Medaglia
Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP)


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who do u like Christina Aguilera Or Britney?

Question by ஐmiss nice ஐ: who do u like Christina Aguilera Or Britney?
if u were Justin Tim. who would u rather date Britney or Christina

Best answer:

Answer by musicgurucharles
That question is so 2001….They both make great music..

What do you think? Answer below!

Christina Aguilera

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about Armani Exchange?

Question by Rollins_college7: about Armani Exchange?
I went to the Florida mall today and saw this place called Armani Exchange and had absolutly no money to buy the clothes there. So, I wanted to ask a few questions:

1. besides how awesome they look, why do the clothes there cost so much?

2 on a scale of 1-10 how would u rate the clothes there?

Best answer:

Answer by Spring Break ’08!
They cost alot for the name. It’s Armani. So, its going to cost a bit. I have never seen a store of their clothes, but they are buisness and me likeee.

Add your own answer in the comments!

armani exchange guy
Armani Exchange

Image by Malingering
complete with ipod, spiked hair, and other cool guy elements

Armani Exchange

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Would you wear us polo assn? ?

Question by Tiana: Would you wear us polo assn? ?
What do you think of it?

Best answer:

Answer by Bianca Stella
Yes, I will wear if I like the design and quality is good. I think its a reasonable price brand but not so creative in designs.

Give your answer to this question below!

US Polo Assn

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What kind of ferrari should I buy?

Question by zdfhsfdd: What kind of ferrari should I buy?
What kind of ferrari should I buy?

Best answer:

Answer by Dan F
If you’ve got the money to burn on a Ferrari, you go all out and get an Enzo Ferrari.

That’s the only way to ride

Give your answer to this question below!


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where can you buy polo plaid shoes at?

Question by Lexie: where can you buy polo plaid shoes at?

Best answer:

Answer by Love Girl

Give your answer to this question below!

polo shoes

Image by avriette
Work shoes. Calf leather (moooo). Great, comfortable shoes. The black ones more than the brown ones. The black ones have a leather sole, and the brown ones have a rubber sole. The black is a little less casual, but still looks fine with a polo and jeans if you’re not pretentious about it.

polo shoes

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What do ash trees symbolize?

Question by Shades: What do ash trees symbolize?
What are common connotative meanings for ash trees when used in poetry or literature?

Best answer:

Answer by synopsis
The ash is probably the best tree of all as firewood, but is also a useful tree for joinery.

A common symbology for Ash which follows these two properties is as a representative of normal married love:- good and wholesome as long as it lasts, but with no metaphysical or romantic overtones.

This is certainly something that Ash means when it is used for making lovespoons, or other Valentine gifts.

What do you think? Answer below!


Image by arbyreed
Ash tree leaves


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whats the brand of jeans with “U” on the buttt pockets? the pockets r outlined in white and stuff. e?

Question by yoh: whats the brand of jeans with “U” on the buttt pockets? the pockets r outlined in white and stuff. e?

Best answer:

Answer by mandi
true religion.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


Image by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku


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What store has the cheapest copies?

Question by DK: What store has the cheapest copies?
Need to make missing persons fliers, as much as possible

Best answer:

Answer by postal p
Try Staples!

Give your answer to this question below!

“Lawsuit” SGs

Image by Sumlin


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Good Resume for applying at Hugo Boss?

Question by Top of all Answers: Good Resume for applying at Hugo Boss?
Hi guys, just wanted to know what I should put in my resume when I apply with my friend tomorrow.

We both go to the same Uni (ANU), we both do B Engineering degrees, and Hugo Boss is only 5 minute walk from the University located at the centre of the city. We thought we’d dress formal for once in our life and go to Uni then after to apply within while dropping off our resumes. I work at McDonalds currently and he works at a dessert shop. We’re both 18 and I speak 4 diff lang (german turkish english persian). My dad’s also a diplomat. Please tell me how to write a good resume

Best answer:

Answer by Grey # Wolf
Ask your dad.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Hugo Boss

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Some smart, sexy temp or the annoying orange?

Question by Some smart, sexy temp: Some smart, sexy temp or the annoying orange?
or phil j

Best answer:

Answer by *Anna*
some smart sexy temp :P

Add your own answer in the comments!

Smart & Sexy
Smart and Sexy

Image by Soul Gymnastics
Soulgymnastics, 26 juni 2010, Nijmegen | Smart&Sexy | Foto door filmvanalledag

Smart and Sexy

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Making self bow using whit ash?

Question by : Making self bow using whit ash?
I’m making a self bow using white ash because its all I have , will it work , strong enough

Best answer:

Answer by august

I found several webpages in the first few Google results that discuss making bows from white ash. Is your Google broken?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Oak and Ash

Image by Let Ideas Compete
Leaves from a variety of trees in my backyard. It’s mostly leaves from an oak and a mountain ash.


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how to pass a test by guessing?

Question by cassie b: how to pass a test by guessing?
i keep failing a test that is really hard and i need to know how to guess on a test and kinda pass

Best answer:

Answer by Kaye B
U can’t. Write rewrite and rewrite about twenty times. Or make up a poem with dates and names etc

What do you think? Answer below!


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are my alexander mcqueen shoes real?

Question by bt Cruiz: are my alexander mcqueen shoes real?
I bought these alexander mcqueen multi strap pumps and just got them in the mail. It feels like real leather (hard to tell because it’s shiny), but unlike the picture, it’s uneven with large creases in a lot of places, not even or smooth. They’re along the top edge and back, and noticeable with the shoe on. Is this a quality of real patent leather? How can I tell if it’s genuine Alexander Mcqueen? I’m not even sure if he has these shoes to his name. They came in a box with dustbag but the shoes were in plastic bags. It’s just the “bumpy” leather that bothers me…

This was the listing with big (probably stock) photos

Best answer:

Answer by CrushCrush
seriously you bought shoes on ebay?
tsk tsk tsk that`s a no no I highly doubt they are real girl you need to be spanked

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1998
Alexander McQueen

Image by victorismaelsoto

Alexander McQueen

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Keyboards- Yamaha VS Casio?

Question by crazy monkey: Keyboards- Yamaha VS Casio?
have $ 250 saved up for a keyboard so far, yet I’m clueless about what kind to get. Money is not that much of an issue.

I need a nice keyboard that can sound nice so I can play things like Beethoven, but also good so I can play modern music and songs that are on the radio. I would like it to have a little bit of synthesizing capabilities. I also want it to have a minimum of 5 octaves, because I have a regular piano and usually end up playing with all 7. It also needs to have a headphone jack.

So which brand looks like it could give me the best quality keyboard with the most smooth tone and sound? Are there any other brands possibly?

Best answer:

Answer by miette
Roland is another good brand to consider, or Korg. But between Casio and Yamaha, I’d have to go with Yamaha based on sound quality; Casio’s (unless you spend a bunch) tend to have twangy and less-realistic sounds, but not always.

This article gives you more options to consider in electric keyboards:

… and there’s also reviews of both Casio’s and Yamahas on that site here:

Have fun! And try for at least 76 keys.

What do you think? Answer below!

Little Red Casio-ette

Image by jurvetson
A hot little number…

I just love Casio digital cameras. They’re up there with Apple and Aerotech Consumer Aerospace as my favorite brands.

This one is similar to my earlier Casios but it’s half as thick… 5MP and a 3x optical zoom in a half-inch-thick camera….


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Where can I buy authentic evisu jeans online?

Question by Rathana: Where can I buy authentic evisu jeans online?

Best answer:

Answer by Elizabeth Martinez
Go to the website

They give you good deals and free shipping.

What do you think? Answer below!

Evisu_Lot 2000_009

Image by 反光鏡的視野


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Where can I make some cheap copies?

Question by Prometheus, l Ain’t; Possum, l ls: Where can I make some cheap copies?
I need to make some cheap copies of some sensitive documents. Is there a good place?

Best answer:

Answer by Gary C
Perhaps if you told us your city, state, and country we could advise you a lot better!

Give your answer to this question below!

Metal Mechanic

Image by Jim Moran

– Camera phone upload powered by ShoZu


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Brand Name
China Websites
Coogi Jeans
D&G Jeans
Diesel Jeans
G-star Jeans
dreampolo cheapgrandtrade annywholesale balabalabags freebuy